You may have learned much from beer, and all the pseudoscience, counter-truths, and misunderstandings about it. Some experts can answer a lot of beer-related questions. Let them put your worries about beer once and for all.

One common question is how many calories are in a pint of beer? Beer is a water-based beverage, so the typical 5% alcohol-calorie content of beer almost the same as your favorite fruit juice or cow’s milk. Naturally, some beers are stronger than others. So, the answer can easily become complex.

Calories in Alcohol

Beer has no liquid more than any 100 ml alcoholic beverage. Nevertheless, the total calorie may be greater in some while lower in some. A pint of beer is 568.26 ml, while it’s only 175ml if compared to a medium-sized glass of wine. That’s three times the size

Alcoholic drinks vary in strength and size, so a standard measure or unit is a universal way to determine a drink’s strength. One unit is pure alcohol, which is equivalent to 10 ml or 8 g alcohol. There are 2.3 units in 4% or 568 ml in a pint of beer or 1.6 units in 5% or 330 ml beer bottles.

How are Craft Beers Brewed?

Funnily enough, there’s no formal or simple concept of producing craft beer, although there’s one for craft brewers. Even though, it doesn’t mean that craft beer is made only by craft brewers. There are different types of brewers as well, such as micro, autonomous, and traditional brewers.

Homemade beers are be immediately recognized by their taste and appearance. Craft beer movements exist at the beer drinker’s heart, and that’s where the war has been going on for long! At the end of the day, it’s your taste that matters.

Can You Drink Frozen Beer?

If a beer freezes inside the bottle, its composition may change. If this happens, merely unsealing it will make it lose its carbonation and taste flat. It is also likely to burst, which will cause the drink to spill. It’s because frozen liquids expand, which adds pressure can cause bursting.

Freezing your beer may look nice but the chill haze will make it look unattractive. Chill haze is the result of binding, haze-producing proteins found in beers. When cold, they become transparent enough to reflect light, which may seem like a reflective glow on the chunky floating bits. A frozen beer may look bad, but you can still consume it.

Is it a Good Idea to Freeze Beer?

Yes and no. As mentioned above, freezing could ruin the beer’s contents. But if you’re going to do it right, it can still be done. Freezing the beer is better achieved by putting the beer in water. That’s how you get to enjoy an ice-cold beer without altering its taste.

There are different ways to enjoy a craft as many as the ways that it can be produced. If you want to know more about beers, then it pays to learn it straight from the experts. They’ll also help you in making the right choices.